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The Bluford Series

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Vicky Angel Trivia Questions & Answers : Wilson, Jacqueline

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Jacqueline Wilson

Vicky Angel. Comment Report abuse. Book Angel. out of 5 stars Vicky Angel: book review. 28 December Format: Paperback Verified Purchase. Vicky angel is a tale of strong friendship, loss, sorrow and tragedy. It encounters death of young Vicky when she is hit by a car.

Jade is terrified when she hears this news and wonders what she is going to do Reviews: In the book Vicky Angel, Vicky dies how? She had cancer. She got hit by a car. Her clothes caught on fire.

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Vicky Angel () by Jacqueline Wilson (Corgi Yearling Books, £) Jade’s best friend Vicky dies in a road accident after they have quarrelled on the way.

Vicky Angel

Vicky Angel and millions of other books are available for instant access. Comment Report abuse. A Kid's Review. out of 5 stars Super! August 7, Format: Paperback. This book is great though i felt my eyes watering in parts! STORYLINE: Vicky and Jade are the best of friends.

Nothing will separate them, or so it seems any skayra.coms:

Vicky angel book report
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