Type of information verbal written on screen multimedia web based

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Introduction to Computer Information Systems/Multimedia

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Business Communication Part 1 Essay Sample

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The following are: * Verbal * Written * On-Screen * Multi-Media * Web based Verbal Face-to-face verbal communication is the best way to communicate. There is less chance for misunderstanding and it allows for verbal and nonverbal messages.

However with the restrictions of time and budgets in business it is not always possible to meet in person. What examples of written information will John Lewis look at when creating a Christmas advert? On-Screen Information - Information may be produced on-screen.

This can be seen in multimedia TV and CD-ROMs that combine text, graphics, animation, audio and video. The different types of information can be communicated Verbally, Written, On Screen, Multimedia and Web-based.

Verbal Information involves through the use of a telephone call, face to face or a voicemail. Describe the types of information used in your organisation choosing at least 4 of the following categories: verbal, written, on-screen, multimedia and web-based.

Within House of Fraser, 4 different types of information can be communicated. Adam Martin M1- Analyse different types of business information and their sources. Merseytravel uses a lot of different communications to communicate with people, which includes; verbal, written, on-screen, multimedia and web-based communication.

The ways being: verbal, written, on-screen, multimedia and web based. Tesco uses verbal communication in various ways. Some of the key components of verbal communication are sound, speaking and words/5(1).

Type of information verbal written on screen multimedia web based
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