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Nanook of the North

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NANOOK OF THE NORTH was the first feature-length documentary to achieve international popular success and critical acclaim. By virtue of its timeless setting and straightforward approach to its. "Nanook of the North" has a place in cinematic history as the first feature-length documentary, shot by Robert J.

Flaherty near Inukjuaq on Hudson Bay in the arctic part of Quebec, Canada. Nanook of the North is an enduring picture, filled with warmth and humanity and presenting an unfliching portrait of thhe rigors endured by Nanook and his family in one of the most inhospitable physical settings imaginable.

Nanook of the North (also known as Nanook of the North: A Story Of Life and Love In the Actual Arctic) is a American silent documentary film by Robert J.

Flaherty, with elements of docudrama, at a time when the concept of separating films into documentary and drama did not yet exist.

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Foundations of the Prolific Film Industry: Films really blossomed in the s, expanding upon the foundations of film from earlier years.

Review: Nanook of the North: A Story Of Life and Love In the Actual Arctic (1922)

Most US film production at the start of the decade occurred in or near Hollywood on the West Coast, although some films were still being made in New Jersey and.

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