Means of expressing modality in modern

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Grammar: mood and modality 1

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The research provided the possibility to specify the ways of expressing modality in English by means of different parts of speech: verbs, adverbs, nouns, adjectives.

Modal verbs and modal words as means of modality expressing in Modern English were studied in the practical part of the work. Subjective modality is the expression of speaker‘s attitude towards the utterance. Objective or ontological modality is expressed at the level of syntactic sentence division.

Grammatical means of expressing objective modality are Mood, different types of 2 intonation and others. Means of expressing modality in the english language Челябинск Modality - is a multifold phenomenon, and therefore in the linguistic literature we can find different thoughts concerning the essence of this phenomenon.

Means of expressing modality in the english language

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There are two semantic types of modality: reality and unreality. Reality represents actions as facts, while unreality is seen as comprising non-factuality, inducement and supposition. Means of expressing modality are various. Mood is the morphological means of expressing modality.

Means of expressing modality in modern
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