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The literature review includes works that studied the nature of the relationship between poverty/income and student performance in school, the root causes of poor school performance among lower-income socioeconomic groups, and evaluated strategies.

This assignment will review the paper written by Anne West () entitled 'Poverty and educational achievement: why do children from low income families tend to do less well at school?' The assignment will identify the key elements in the research and discuss the research methods used.

literature review is designed to provide a foundation on which an informed and engaged reader can assess the relationship between poverty and schooling in order to take effective action. Literature on poverty so far has been based on general poverty, child poverty and poverty among Indigenous Australians, the homeless and mental patients.

This review will be focused on the argument supporting the existence of poverty in Australia, rather than the denial of it.


Literature Review From the time of independence, India has been suffering from acute poverty, most of it is chronic in nature. If we look at the percentage of people below the poverty line, we do notice a sharp fall, but the absolute number remains increasing at a high rate.

1 LITERATURE REVIEW OF POVERTY AND URBAN DEVELOPMENT INDICATORS By Sikandar Hasan January Prepared for Homeless International, Coventry.

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A Tree for Poverty: Margaret Laurence: Books