Literature review on customer satisfaction in retail

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the factors on customer satisfaction in food retail supermarkets? Null Hypothesis (H0): There is no significant impact of the factors on customer satisfaction in food retail supermarkets.

Alternate Hypothesis (H1): There is a significant impact of the factors on customer satisfaction in food retail supermarkets.

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VII. In response, Tesco decided to review its management practices to improve customer satisfaction. In this process, it took retail lessons of training and transforming its front-line staff that come in direct contact with the customers every day.

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LITERATURE REVIEW For the survey of existing literature, the research papers published in Journals, extent of planning that the customer undertakes before reaching the store.

Literature review on customer satisfaction in retail banking

With more service, convenience, satisfaction and assured benefits to lure shoppers into the store. Retailers are not creating value for the consumer and also.

Literature review on customer satisfaction in retail
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