Emc vnx copy-on-write array

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VMware SRM using HDS AMS 2000

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Petabyte Storage

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Xtreme future?

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Database Thin Cloning: Copy on Write (EMC)

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EMC VNX 5300

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When the active filesystem species a block, the old son of the block has to be adjusted and then written to a new idea and the snapshot updated. EMC SRDF AND TIMEFINDER FAMILIES. SRDF is the most widely deployed, array-based disaster restart solution in the industry. It runs on the Symmetrix operating system software, Enginuity, and is the data protection and replication standard for Symmetrix storage.

Unmatched flexibility —Copy-on-establish, copy-on-split, or copy-on-write. Jun 06,  · The EMC VNX series, optimized for VMware View environments, offers you a scalable, easy-to-deploy, quality end user computing experience. Give your workforce flexible access from any device, anywhere—and still maintain IT control.

There are rumors that VNX / VNXe are going to replace Equallogic and Compellent after the Dell / EMC merger completes. Others say that Compellent is going to be the replacement low to mid array.

It's hard to say, and can put purchases for Dell and EMC low to mid-range storage in limbo. Feb 19,  · Today the EF series can easily hold its own from a price performance point of view with the likes of the EMC VNX-F and the All-Flash FAS with XtremIO and Pure - I really believe that outside of the enterprise space the ground-up All-Flash array is no longer sustainable.

Disadvantages of more RAID 5 arrays in a RAID 50 array We have a 24 disk SAN, currently configured in RAID 50, with a RAID 0 stripe across two RAID 5 arrays with 11 disks in each RAID 5.

The two remaining disks are allocated as hot spares, one for each. EMC VNX Series. High-performing unified storage with unsurpassed simplicity and efficiency, optimised for virtual applications. With the VNX Series, you’ll achieve new levels of performance, protection, compliance, and ease of management.

Emc vnx copy-on-write array
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