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Search String in Google:. We use the ISBN to track inventory and sales information. An ISBN is a digit number that specifically identifies your title. For further information, please see Barcoding Guidelines for the U.S.

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Book Industry on the Book Industry Study Group site. ISBNs are furnished by. Offer an ARC (advance reading copy) to those on your list who agree to review your book before its official release, ask for beta readers, or if your book is already out, just offer a free copy for a review.

The book and product reviews on Amazon work the same way. The more reviews that people see for your product, the more likely they are to buy it. It triggers the social proof shortcut for your consumers. “Obviously, many others are buying it, so I will buy it.” Even if it sucks.

Five Stars: Putting Online Reviews to Work for Your Business [Gradiva Couzin, Jennifer Grappone] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

Create positive visibility for your business with this essential roadmap Everyone now understands the importance of online reviews on sites such as Yelp. This unique book helps you influence the process and leverage the results to increase sales Reviews: is an awesome site for readers.

We have international book discussions, virtual bookshelves to track what you have read, original book reviews and much more! Jun 22,  · Best place to buy 5 star amazon reviews for your kindle e-book and products.

Buy reviews for your book
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