Book report in a bag

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How to Make Use of A Paper Bag to-Do a Third-Grade Book Report

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Book Bag Report

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The Basics of Bug out Bags and Bugging Out

Home Student Work & Publications Book Reports, Film Reviews and Book Trailers Book Report: The Wizard of Oz Book Report: The Wizard of Oz.

Title: The Wizard of Oz Author: Baum Publisher: Penguin Group Dorothy was a simple and optimistic girl living with her adoptive lived in Kansas. Dorothy was a talkative child as she had.

-small paper lunch bag -art supplies such as crayons, colored pens, colored pencils, paper, scissors, and glue Procedure: This book must be a book with a main character. This character could be a person or an animal. You are going to create a paper bag puppet of the character.

Lay the paper bag flat with the folded bottom facing up. The flap made by the bottom fold will be the mouth. Stand the book, cover open at a 45 degree angle, on a sheet of paper. Draw a triangle by tracing around the cover and sketching a straight line across the open front. Add 1/2" to each side and cut out to create a template for the purse's side insets.

Sep 30,  · This feature is not available right now. Please try again later. Create a Book Report in a Bag INSTRUCTIONS 1. Decorate a brown lunch bag or gift bag to reflect a book jacket.

Include the title and the author/illustrator of the book. Put your name on the bottom of the bag. 2. Put into the bag important elements from the story, character, setting & plot.

Book report in a bag
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NEA - Book Bag Report