A biography of alonso rodriguez a catholic saint

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Alonso de Ojeda

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St. Ignatius Loyola

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St. Alphonsus Rodriguez

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Saint Alonso Rodriguez is also known as Alphonsus Rodriguez.

Alphonsus Rodriguez

He is the third of eleven children in the family of the wealthy wool merchant Diego Rodriguez. Met Blessed Peter Faber when he was 10; the Father Faber prepared the boy for his First Communion.

Table of the Canonizations during the Pontificate of His Holiness John Paul II. For other people with this name, see Alonso Rodriguez Saint Alphonsus Rodríguez, S. Youngest son of Don Beltrán Yañez de Oñez y Loyola and Marina Saenz de Lieona y Balda (the name López de Recalde, though accepted by the Bollandist Father Pien, is a copyist's blunder).

Born in at the castle of Loyola above Azpeitia in Guipuscoa; died at Rome, 31 July, The family arms are: per pale, or, seven bends gules (?vert) for Oñez; argent, pot and chain sable between two.

José Rizal

Saint of the Week: St. Alonso Rodriguez, also known as Alphonsus or Alfonso (Feast Day: October 30) Some saints attack the world head-on, like St. Peter Claver, the friend and disciple of St. Alonso. Others like Alonso himself fight personal battles against failure, loss, temptation, and disease.

Saint Alphonsus Rodríguez, S.J., (Spanish: Alfonso) (July 25, – October 31, ) was a Spanish Jesuit lay brother, now venerated as a saint. He was a native of Segovia. He is sometimes confused with Fr. Alphonsus (Alonso) Rodriguez, S.J., a Jesuit who wrote the Exercicio de perfección y virtudes cristianas (3 vols., Seville, ), which .

A biography of alonso rodriguez a catholic saint
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